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Ask me anything   Once Upon a Time and Here and Now...

A collection of inspirations and notes expanding on my sketchbooks...

    "Forgive me father
    for I have sinned
    the crumbs from your table
    are never enough
    And temptation
    tastes of milk and honey
    Oh give us this day
    our daily bread
    and a handful of silver
    to forgive our trespasses
    a salted benediction
    to save our souls
    before we are just ashes
    and dust."

    - The Sin Eater Siobhan Rodgers 2011 (via the-wordgirl)

    Please if you have a moment, hop over to The Word Girl and leave some feedback in my ask box, you don’t have to be kind but please be constructive, I’m trying to build on my writing portfolio and I need to know how I’m doing…

    (via the-wordgirl)

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